Xmas Gift – Set yourself up for life

Xmas Gift – Set yourself up for life

iMeditation Special Christmas gift

So Christmas is just around the corner once more, maybe like very year there’s lots to do before you can relax be satisfied that all the to do lists are done.

What about you though?

Have you ever thought that not only could you help yourself get through the christmas period but you could also let go of the stress you’ve been holding onto throughout the year? I have been pondering on what I could do to help you feel more at peace, relax… and experience some deep insights and transformation to boot!

The gift I came up with for you!

A ‘gift to yourself’. A special pack of  31 meditations worth $ 209 for the special price of

$85 – More than 50% off – Until 26 December, 2015!

Christmas Gift - 31 meditations

How do I get the meditations?

You purchase the special christmas pack by opening the imeditation app on  your phone and clicking on the button “Buy meditations”.  Purchasing the pack through the app ensures that all meditations will be loaded onto your phone (and with you at all times).

Meditations are in demand in so many languages!

It has been a fantastic year, many things have happened with iMeditation.  There are now well over 21,000 users of the app. The majority being downloaded here in Denmark, the U.S. and England.

Also now in several langugues:  Swedish, German, French, Spanish and Hindi. I am actually looking for someone who can help me with online marketing in these languages.

New year: 2016 kicks of the year with the iMeditation app also in Italian, Russian and Chinese.

iMediation App – Now includes videos

I have also started to put videos into the app. One of the 10-15 minute videos dealing with personal development has generated very good feedback.  Though at the moment the videos are only in Danish, I am doing my best to deal with solutions to common problems relevant to you.

iMeditation App – The Heart Rate monitor

This year has seen the addition of the pulse and heart rate monitor to the App.  Many users love being able to measure their heart rate before and after their meditation… and of course as the app retains your data, it’s fun to see the changes over longer periods of time.

Be sure to grab the ‘Life Pack’ gift to yourself!

Be sure to treat yourself to the iMeditation Pack that sets you up for transformation in 2016 and long into the future with new projects and life changes!


I wish you a very merry christmas and a very happy ‘NEW’ year.

Best wishes,
Tom Stern


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