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About Tom Stern

Tom Stern has worked with therapy, personal development and education for many years. Based on Tom’s work, we begin to understand that the key to our own happiness and self-emancipation is within easy reach and always within us. The ability to stand on our own and have the strength it takes to live the life we long for requires strength. This is the strength that Tom somehow manages to find in people.

For more than 12 years, Tom has been the director of the Institute of Personal Development, where he teaches healing, therapeutic clairvoyance and personal development. Tom was born clairvoyant and has taught others about personal development and the human psyche for many years. Tom originally trained as a stockbroker, following which he was a director of several Danish companies.

Tom has studied with masters and teachers in i.e. India, New Zealand and the United States. The material side of life was replaced with the spiritual side. And since 1994, Tom has worked exclusively on guiding and helping others achieve a better life with more presence, quality of life, and joy. In addition, Tom Stern is a Diamond Logos Teacher. In 1995, Toms was educated as meditation teacher by his mentor, meditation guru Maharaji from India. He has taught meditation to more than 1,000 people.