Halo the Bumblebee (Children)

Halo the Bumblebee

Halo the Bumblebee (Children)

Halo the Bumblebee is a meditative goodnight story for children aged 4 to 11.

Most parents experience periods when their children have a hard time settling down at night when they go to bed. Some children generally find it more difficult settling down than others. It can be frustrating for parents that their children can’t sleep. Especially if there are more children in the family wanting the attention of the parents at bedtime. But also if the parents aren’t able to take out enough time for the child who is having a hard time sleeping – maybe because the parents are also tired. And obviously because all parents want their children to have the sleeping time necessary for the child to wake up fresh and rested the next day.

It is important that the child doesn’t see him or herself as “wrong” because it is difficult for them to settle down. And it is a gift for the children when they realize that there are methods to help rest and sleep along. This is where this meditation is a fantastic aid. Not just because the child can listen to the meditation by him or herself, but also because the child in this way experiences how to find calm alone. A method the child can use without other people being present, and a method the child can carry into adult life. With this meditation the child discovers their inner plenty and the strength that lies in being able to find peace inside.

Halo the Bumblebee is a fairy tale that leaves room for the child’s own imagination and inner imagery. The soft background music is soothing, and Tom Stern’s gentle voice gently leads the child through the world of Halo the Bumblebee.

Research shows that the music and the voice-over lead the child to a deep and calm sleep, so that the child wakes up fresh and rested. Children are actually looking forward to bedtime when they are going on a journey with Halo. In that way, parents and children get a cozy experience from bedtime and a lovely end to the day.

Playing time: 48:16
Recommended age group: 4-11 years

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