Expert Says

Henning Daverne

Tom Stern and I have traveled together in the spiritual universe since 1995. We were both educated in India with the meditation guru Maharaji from Chitrakoot and through the years we have taught several meditation courses together. Tom’s background, first as a stock broker and then as the leader of the institute of personal development through 10 years, in my opinion provides him with a unique ability to teach meditation to all interested parties, both the busy business person and the experienced spiritualist. I warmly recommend Tom and his work.

Gunnar Muhlmann

In my eyes, Tom Stern holds a unique position as a facilitator of spirituality and meditation. His wealth of life experience combined with his formidable ability to un-complicate matters have time and time again inspired me deeply. Tom Stern’s views on spiritual and personal “self-awareness” has had a particular influence on my work with Meditation. Tom Stern is also what I would call an intuitive futurist. He sees the spiritual opportunities of future technologies before anyone else.This is also how I see his truly original and creative iMeditation project.