Emptiness is a guided meditation that gives you the techniques to empty your mind of thoughts, relax completely and achieve an inner calm and balance, most of us rarely find in our daily lives.

In our modern and often busy world, we are exposed to so many impressions that there are times, when we lose the connection to ourselves. It has been said that these days, we are exposed to as many impressions in one day as people were exposed to in a whole year 70 years ago. That puts our modern lives into perspective. Are we able to handle all these impressions?

It is natural that we try to process impressions from our surroundings, feelings, moods and experiences. It is however rare that we find the time for it. And when we don’t, it builds up inside us. It settles physically in our bodies as muscle tension, headache, stomachache etc. And it settles in us emotionally, so that we are not always able to understand our feelings. Some people get to the point where they are no longer able to feel what they feel or stand for, or who they are.

Emptiness guides you to an inner calm and tranquility. Your mind is emptied of thoughts and your body is allowed to relax. It is in this silence we are able to process impressions and feelings. We become able to feel and then let go. And when our mind is empty of thoughts and feelings, we are cleansed and ready to receive and give again.
Emptiness is not just a guided meditation that brings you calm and balance during and after the meditation. It also brings you techniques you can use in you everyday life. In our modern hectic society, we need peace, surplus and energy so we can continue our personal development and meet the world full of optimism and clarity.

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