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In 2011, having practiced meditation for many years, and having taught more than 1,000 people to meditate, I got my first iPhone or smartphone. Something happened that winter’s day when I held my new iPhone.

At first it felt a bit strange to me. After all, I was used to my good old Nokia. Everything was new and the way it worked was completely unknown to me. But it was also user-friendlier and much easier to use. Once I had played with my new phone day in and day out I realized that this kind of smartphone offered so many new opportunities.

Applications! What were they? I started snooping around. There were thousands of cool applications for all kinds of things. Genius!

Then the idea came to me. I wanted to make an app that allowed people to monitor their own development when it came to meditation and allowed them to share it with friends if they wanted to. Maybe some people would think it was fun to compete with each other on something such as meditation, which is the exact opposite of competition.

But the app was developed with the purpose of following your own perseverance and discipline, which is so important in meditation. You can see on your screen if you are following your plan or skipping corners. It has turned out to be really good for many people to see their progress in black and white.

My experience, not just from myself, is that many people actually find it relaxing and comfortable to sit with a smartphone in their hand. The app has been designed so that you keep your two thumbs on two “buttons” on the screen. When you have chosen your meditation (there are many different meditations to choose from), you start and you hear a sound or meditation speak. “A guided meditation”. When you don’t want to meditate any more, you just let go with your thumbs. And you hear a little bell to let you know the meditation has been paused. Then, the time you have actually meditated will be visible to you in “My Progress” and you will be able to share it with your friends on Facebook if you like, or just keep the experience to yourself.

The app has many free meditations and when you have gotten used to it and maybe practiced a bit, you can also buy meditations. They all have different length and content. I will keep developing new meditations for different purposes. So my message to you is that the more you use this application, the more you will develop your inner calm and your personal development will progress.

Below, I will take you through each of the sections you will find on iMeditation. If you feel like sharing your experiences of iMeditation or if you have good ideas for new updates, you are more than welcome to share.

The advantages of guided meditaitons

In our hectic, modern world, meditation has become increasingly popular among people looking for ways to relax, unwind, expedite their own personal and spiritual development and improve their quality of life.

It is no surprise that meditation has become so popular, since there are so many positive advantages to it. One of the easiest ways to experience all the advantages of meditation is by listening to a guided meditation. In this article I will place particular focus on the advantages of guided meditation, starting with everyone’s favourite:

It is easy!

Meditation is an incredible comfortable, healthy and inspiring way to inner peace, and guided meditations are quite simply the easiest way to meditate.

Traditional, non-guided meditation techniques require more work and a bit more training. With a guided meditation, you are guided and led into a state of meditation when your guide takes you through the process step by step.

Imagine listening to quiet music while being guided into a state of deep meditation….Guided meditation is not just easy, it is also a highly effective personal development tool.

Meditation plus visualisation – the mighty force behind guided meditations

Guided meditations become really interesting once you use your own imagination and the power of visualization to make positive personal changes. This is one of the biggest advantages of guided meditation, and in this sense guided meditations are even more powerful than traditional, passive meditations.

Visualization, or creative visualization as it is sometimes known, is the use of mental images to make positive changes in your life. Visualization techniques are now widely used in many areas such as the arts, sports, business, alternative medicine, religious practices, psychotherapy and self-development.

“The mind can’t detect the difference between an actual event and an imagined one”.

Guided meditations help you vividly imagine positive experiences, regardless of which changes you are looking to make in your life. During a guided meditation you are in such a deep state of relaxation that the imagery you are guided into visualizing becomes very realistic. Immersing oneself in a guided meditation while listening to positive suggestions is a blissful experience, which results in concrete and immediate advantages. You feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Different people have different goals and needs, of course, and with that in mind, guided meditations can be tailored to achieving specific results, such as:

  • clarifying issues

  • spiritual development

  • the experience of exhilaration, freedom and expanded consciousness

  • emotional and physical healing

  • fostering creativity

  • deep relaxation

  • increased confidence and personal responsibility

  • opening the heart and healing relationships

  • better results in business or sports

  • resolution of psychological difficulties

A well-designed guided meditation often contains positive suggestions and positive visualizations that lead you to experience internally the changes you want to realize in your external life.

Why is that so important? Let us allow Buddha to answer this question for us: “The mind is everything; what you think, you become”.

Guided meditations help you achieve a state of deep internal tranquility, so that your mind can be cleared of clutter and unwanted thoughts, and then filled with visualization and positive personal changes.

Really well designed guided meditations may also make use of symbolic imagery, thus connecting the deeper, more abstract levels of your mind in an attempt to achieve deep healing and a breakthrough in your personal development.

Meditation With Music and voice-over

There is a reason why sounds in the form of music and speech are combined in guided meditations, and why they are combined in that exact way. Through music you can feel the same emotions you feel from for instance love, anxiety or agitation. That means that we very easily and quickly can get into the state we want to be in.

We can also do a lot ourselves to achieve that state, though. We know that when we are very annoyed or angry, it is difficult to sit down and quietly and calmly listen to something. It is as if our system doesn’t want to enter that quiet room, and we try to fight it.

That is why it works so well when we combine music and speech. In that way, we activate two areas. We need to help push ourselves into another state, but first we need to wish to change the state of things. Otherwise, we are counteracting ourselves.

There can also be music in the way the speech is pronounced. If the voice seems trustworthy and calm, we feel connected. There needs to be trust between the speaker and the listener. It also depends on what it is we want to achieve from a guided meditation. Do we need it for training or after running? Or do we need it to find inner calm? I don’t think my voice would be well suited for an athlete who needs to train, unless it is mental training the athlete wants to work with. That, by the way, is also important if you want to achieve a goal.

Previously, people would use a rosary or a mala as a tool to quiet the mind. You could almost say that it works like a security blanket for adults. That may sound a bit banal and condescending but it is definitely not meant that way. These days, we replace the old rosary with a smartphone or iPad.

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